I Feel It For The Very First Time 😳

Fabulously Polite / Прилично поведение
Fabulously Polite / Прилично поведение
I Feel It For The Very First Time 😳

On our second episode in English, we talked about our summer experiences and how growing up we knew we were a bit “different”. We discuss news from different parts of the world, we wish a favourite drag queen a happy birthday and one of the hosts may or may not have threatened Troye Sivan (with his acting skills)!

We talked about:

📚 Antoni Porowski’s book In The Kitchen

😳 Cheyenne Jackson’s photo on IG

🎞 Bulgarian LGBTQ+ film Liuben

🗣 Bulgarian website Mamma Mia on Liuben and LGBTQ+ film distribution in Bulgaria

🖼 Fraenkel Gallery

📺 Heartstopper Season 2

💄 Lady Camden

🎽 Classic Redone

🎧 Sinead O’Connor’s I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss

👨: @kostakarakashyan

👦: @simosnima

🎵: @acrillics

🖼️: @despodovv

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🎙️: Fabulously Polite is a podcast without labels dedicated to human rights, education, art and culture, focusing on the Balkans, Central and Eastern Europe hosted by Kosta Karakashyan and Simeon Todorov

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