Acrillics Drips Music Video

Acrillics | Drips

The music video for “Drips” by New Zealand & Philadelphia-based duo Acrillics explores challenge, resilience, grit, competition, and individuality through the lens of contemporary dance.

Music: Acrillics
Direction & Movement: Kosta Karakashyan
Director of Photography: Xuelong Mu

Juliana DeVaan
Cecley Hill
Morgen Littlejohn
Rebecca Sosman
Kennedy Thomas
Madeleine Wood

Direction & Movement: Kosta Karakashyan
DOP: Xuelong Mu
1st AC: Jason Chiang
Editing: Kosta Karakashyan
Coloring: Kevin Chiu
Make-up: Jamie Sutton
Styling: Kosta Karakashyan
BTS Photography: Maddie Molot