2024-2025 / Corruption
Feature fiction film co-written and co-produced with Drago Bago, directed by Kosta Karakashyan

Despite his family’s efforts to repress his artistic tendencies, a charismatic young boy grows up to become Miro Kirov, Bulgaria’s most popular popstar. In the last years of socialist Bulgaria, he signs a record deal with a powerful producer with political influence, who urges him to hide every intimate detail about his life on the road to success. As his fame increases and the influence he has on society seduces him, the tension between the financial and social comfort of his position and his desire to live an authentic life sends Miro’s career into a downward spiral. Under the producer’s web of political control and overwhelming influence, Miro becomes embroiled in a twisted game of corruption of the mind.

Selection / MIDPOINT Institute Intensive Queer 2023 / Slovakia