Allie X Serves Dreamy Post-Apocalyptic Pop in “Focus”

Allie X has repeatedly been hailed as “the future of pop” by different publications, and it’s a fitting title for this gorgeous artist obsessed with reinvention, temporality, destruction, the unknown, and last but not least, striking visuals. Her new track “Focus” is one out of four songs she’s been playing recently at live shows. It’s part of an upcoming project (hopefully a new album!) that aims to explore L.A. in a conceptual, dreamy, surrealistic way.

“Focus” feels like an amalgamation of two of my favorite Allie X tracks, “Sanctuary” and “Need You” (feat. Valley Girl) from CollXtion I and CollXtion II, respectively. It has the post-apocalyptic theme of a love stronger than the world, comforting her even in the darkest of times and the melancholy, cyclical pulsing beats of the sadcore pop bliss she does best. It veers more towards the minimalist pop of her last release rather than the bratty punk meets musical theatre vibes on her first EP.

The lyrics juxtapose the serenity of the love affair against the chaos of their surroundings (“skies are crumbling / people calling for help“). When the feeling is real, it can’t help but give you perspective and clarity: “When you love someone / the rest just falls away / you make me focus…“. It’s a lovely sentiment that we could all use as a barometer for gauging whether a relationship truly fulfills us or serves as a temporary distraction.

Over a sparse beat, Allie X’s “Focus” is lush, urgent, and dangerous in the best way. So lovely that I am choreographing something to it as we speak. Check out the lyric video above, and let me know what you think of the track.

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