Kosta Karakashyan is a Bulgarian-Armenian

exploring emotion through motion and words.

Using performance, film, choreography and text, he investigates how to nurture tenderness, empathy and intimacy in an increasingly anxious, violent, and political world. Kosta is based between New York and Bulgaria and is also the founder and creative director of Studio Karakashyan.

Kosta has written for Dance Magazine, Single Step Foundation, FashionBeans, Independent Fashion Bloggers, and more. He writes art criticism, essays on art, culture, identity, education, and human rights, and journal entries on his own projects and process.

To get a taste of his work, read his op-ed on body discrimination in the dance industry, his personal essay on the body’s memory as it relates to LGBTQ+ discrimination, and more overemotional Pisces reactions to art below. Commission Kosta for your publication by clicking the button on the left.


Kosta’s work has been featured in them, BOYSCOUT Magazine, The Columbia Spectator, the McGill Daily, South Florida Gay News, and on the blogs of two leading LGBTQ+ organizations— GLAAD and Single Step. For his work as an LGBTQ+ student activist, Kosta is the recipient of the 2018 Edgar Richards Scholarship from the Maranatha Ministry at Riverside Church, New York City.

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