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“Karakashyan moves with hard jolts and swift stealth, a body of expression, skill and power; a body standing its ground and not about to give up.“

— The Guardian, Lyndsey Winship

“Waiting for Color, a haunting, gorgeously choreographed “documentary dance film” released last month, sees Karakashyan physically interpreting the spoken testimonials of Chechen survivors through his body.“

— them, John Paul Brammer

“Karakashyan’s documentary is an important voice for LGBTQ struggles in Chechnya and elsewhere.“

— The Columbia Spectator, Lee Alexander

“Karakashyan’s jarring choice of movement here carries tenacity, and it proclaims our right to fight injustice.“

— The McGill Daily, Panayot Gaidov

“This extraordinary film uses dance to express emotions where words fail.“

— Stopgap Dance Company


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