Kosta Karakashyan is a Bulgarian-Armenian

exploring empathy through movement and storytelling.


September 2020 - June 2021
Resident Teacher at VS Dance Studios - classes on improvisation, composition, contemporary technique, dancing for camera & commercial latin
Sofia, Bulgaria
October 7th, 2020
The Air We Raised Together for Ballet Arabesque
New work by Kosta Karakashyan for the X Competition for Contemporary Choreography "Margarita Arnaudova".
World premiere October 7th at the National Musical Theatre.
Sofia, Bulgaria


Kosta has written for Dance Magazine, lowercase magazine, Dance Tabs, Fjord Review, BOYSCOUT, Single Step, and FashionBeans. He writes essays on art, culture, identity, education, and human rights, dance criticism, and blog entries on his own projects and creative process.

To get a taste of his work, read his op-ed on body discrimination in the dance industry, his personal essay on the body’s memory as it relates to homophobia and public displays of affection, and more overemotional Pisces reactions to art below. Get in touch with Kosta to contribute to your publication by clicking the button.

Mikhail Baryshnikov’s Dynamic Dance Photography Animates Contini Art Gallery in Venice, Italy
Mikhail Baryshnikov Dancing Away: Untitled #36 Escola de Samba Portela, rehearsal for Carnival competition in Ireneo Portela, Argentina
Tei Shi Captures Essence of Millennial Generation in Debut LP Crawl Space
Tei Shi performing
Peyo Yavorov’s Sublime Love Poetry in English
Peyo Yavorov & Lora Karavelova, Peyo Yavorov's poetry
Allie X Serves Dreamy Post-Apocalyptic Pop in “Focus”
allie x focus


Through his teaching, Kosta invites students (professional and non-professional dancers alike) to approach dance paying special attention to their own impulses, creativity, and agency.

He has taught across New York, Bulgaria, Canada, Japan, Norway, Germany, Costa Rica, and Italy and is passionate about establishing a long-term connection with his students and empowering them to discover something new about themselves through dance.