• Forbes 30 Under 30 2024: Art & Culture

    After a stint as the youngest professional dancer and choreographer on “Dancing with the Stars Vietnam,” Kosta Karakashyan founded production company Studio Karakashyan in 2018.

  • 20 Questions: Kosta Karakashyan

    “The choreographer and director Kosta Karakashyan is the type of artist for whom the day seems to have more than 24 hours.” – Svetoslav Todorov,

  • New Bulgarian UN Youth Delegates to Promote Active Civic Participation

    “Before the UN, Kosta Karakashyan and Alexander Yanev will present the challenges that young people people in Bulgaria face and will look for solutions together with their foreign colleagues to improve the living conditions of young people around the world.” – Desislava Toncheva, BTA

  • Introducing Karakashyan & Artists

    “We are invited to the first collaborative concept shoot of Karakashyan & Artists, the new dance company by director and choreographer Kosta Karakashyan.” – Theresa Voskanyan, ELLE Bulgaria

  • On Kitchen – A Bittersweet Performance

    “KITCHEN chooses to present this thorny aspect of a chef or a performer’s life through a multi-sensorial and dynamic approach. It is up to each spectator to participate in it, savor the present and search for their Black & White.” – Marta Buggio, Choreographed Thoughts

  • In Her Skin Review

    “The directors of the film expertly conjure the lull of a dark age, but one left unmined of all its fantasies. They expose an unkempt imagination, as beguiling as the wilderness but as perilous as a free-fall through a dream.” – Sarah Lapinksy & Maxine Flasher-Düzgünes, dance art journal

  • This Bulgarian Choreographer Came Out on National TV. Now, He’s Telling the Full Story.

    “As a dancer and choreographer, Kosta Karakashyan has worked with everyone from Calvin Klein and H&M to Rita Ora and Years & Years. But perhaps his proudest moment is his decision to come out in his native Bulgaria on national TV. By doing so, Karakashyan has positioned himself as a queer role model in a country with few of them.” – Evan Lambert, INTO

  • How Kosta Karakashyan Brought Rita Ora to Pernik

    “How director and choreographer Kosta Karakashyan got the opportunity to work with Rita Ora, how he ended up on Dancing with the Stars Vietnam at just 18 years old and why he chose Bulgaria over the opportunity to work in the States.” – The Nikolaos Tsitiridis Show, bTV

  • Martin Kostadinov’s Baby (Dance) Steps

    “Key to the film’s success, however, is the smart choreography (from Kosta Karakashyan) of key moments, elevating cliché into something quite artful and giving the throbbing beat of the track something to stick onto.” – Jamie Madge,

  • Kosta Karakashyan: Ruler of the Night w/ SAMSUNG

    “He begins to dance after a serious warm-up – no music, amidst the sepulchral silence that falls the moment he performs his first move.” – Krisi Dimitrova,

  • Premiere: What is the Film In Her Skin About?

    “A story about five women – The Housewife, the Femme Fatale, the Runaway, the Lonely Girl bn the Lake, and The Ghost who comes and provokes them to see something different.” – Euronews

  • The 2021 Lion’s Pride Honors – Columbia College Today

    “Bulgarian director, choreographer, dancer and writer Kosta Karakashyan ’19 is using his art to fight for LGBTQ+ equality.” – Jill Shomer, Columbia College Today

  • Stephanie & Kosta, or the Dancing Democracy

    “Only extraordinary talent is capable of turning politics into art.” – Mila Iskrenova,

  • The Story After with Kosta Karakashyan

    “I am a dreamer, an artist, and someone who believes in social justice. I believe in the power of art and culture to change how we approach life and that a nice encounter with a piece of art can soothe our souls the same way that exercise and medicine can do for our bodies.” – Yasmin Tezdjan, Plentix

  • Kosta Karakashyan Does It All

    “A very familiar feeling of meeting a creative person abroad, that is not shy to present himself, make connections, promote his work and feel great about it.” – Teodora Dzherekarova, Story Tap

  • Interdisciplinary Colloquium: “Sexual Orientation & Gender Identities in the South Caucasus”

    “Waiting For Color: Dancing the persecution against the LGBTQ+ world in Chechnya” by Kosta Karakashyan” – Anouche Der Sarkissian

  • Kosta Karakashyan on Masculinity in Dance

    “Empathy and tolerance are at the core of everything I create, says the director and choreographer”, LadyZone, Ivan Cheresharski, BTV

  • Glance from the Edge: A Tale of Six People Who Long to Find their Place in the World

    “Through the language of contemporary dance, six individuals explore relationships, place, and belonging through a series of dances in breathtakingly beautiful Bulgaria.” – COOLt, BTV

  • Glance from the Edge: Bulgaria Seen through Dance

    “The world premiere of Glance from The Edge is on 29 April as part of the Master of Art Documentary Film Festival. The film showcases iconic locations through dance and the search for identity.” – Radio Free Europe, Ivaylo Vezenkov

  • Kosta Karakashyan: Why Not Mourn by Dancing?

    “A conversation with the choreographer and director about dancing, the road to success, vanity, and more.” – ArtAkcia, Thea Denoljubova