Glance from the Edge

Glance from the Edge is a poetic journey of six individuals swept across a tapestry of Bulgarian landscapes, where they explore relationships, place, and belonging through a series of dances in a breathtakingly beautiful country.

Press: Fjord Review, Cultural Daily, Radio Free Europe, Bulgarian National TV, Radio Sofia, BTV, BOYSCOUT, NOVA News

Production Company: Studio Karakashyan
Directed by: Kosta Karakashyan & Stephanie Handjiiska
Executive Producers: Kosta Karakashyan & Stephanie Handjiiska
Line Producer: Lora Beltcheva

Choreography: Kosta Karakashyan & Stephanie Handjiiska in collaboration with the performers
Additional Photography: Tsveta Doycheva, Peter Grudov, Gergana Ilieva, Vasil Zelyamov

Director of Photography: Kevin Chiu

Composer: Jude Icarus
Additional Scoring: Andro Mathewson
Sound Recordist: Jude Icarus
Sound Design: Saifeddine Helal
Sound Mixing: Andro Mathewson

Stylist: Ivan Tsutsumanov

Location Manager: Stephanie Handjiiska
Location Consultant: Dimitar Zhelev
Cast & Crew Driver: Blagovest Sotirov

Public Relations: Todor Barganov

Editors: Kevin Chiu & Kosta Karakashyan
Colorist: Lyubomir Balabanov
Title Design: Gjorgji Despodov

Cast: Tsveta Doycheva, Peter Grudov, Stephanie Handjiiska, Gergana Ilieva, Kosta Karakashyan, Vasil Zelyamov

With the support of: Derida Dance Center,, Millennium Club, National Culture Fund Plovdiv 2019 – European Capital of Culture, Single Step, Stara Zagora Municipality

Glance from the Edge is made possible by the financial support of the “Debuts” program of the National Culture Fund and the residency program of Derida Dance Center.

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